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The Intro, the About Us.

Welcome to CazWorld. I grew up in the time when “My World and Welcome to It” was Jules Feiffer’s world on broadcast TV. Jules Feiffer on free TV. If an artist and writer like Feiffer were lending his name and POV to a video project today, you can be sure you would be paying for it via a premium cable channel on Netflix or whatever the next major video distribution system.

Clearly in this world, I may go off on tangents. I will enjoy the long form as a valuable alternative to the super short form Twitter (@caz) and the moderately short form with mostly cat photos/music videos/random ads Facebook.

I’m not going to write a boring bio. I’ll write about whatever’s on my mind. I do have an interest in social justice particularly where it includes LGBT people, Black people, racism, immigration and those with health issues whether physical or mental. There’s a lot to tick me off every day and yet, I manage to channel all that energy getting pumped around from the greater media-fueled world. I won’t attempt to list everything that interests me and that I might write about. That’s a very long list.

Basically, there’s more to bring me joy every day than there is to tick me off. That’s me.

I wrote everything above in 2014. Now it’s 2018 and I’ll start actually using this a bit. A lot has changed in the past four years. I wasn’t on FB then and I’m not now, but I am still with Twitter. The site focuses on my work as a writer and editor, but this blog may expand beyond that. The food and wine of Napa, yes, but beyond that too.


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